Records are Set by SRK's "Jawan"'s Early Morning Premiere

The premiere of Shah Rukh Khan's eagerly anticipated movie, "Jawan," took place at the unusual time of 5 AM, sparking interest before the movie's official release. With "Pathaan" having already surpassed the 1,000 crore mark, SRK appears to be dominating the 2023 movie season.

Mukesh Chhabra, a renowned casting director, Praises "Jawan"

Mukesh Chhabra, a well-known casting director, called "Jawan" "Massy with a message." Jawan was an emotional roller coaster, he said.It made me feel things and gave me chills. Undoubtedly one of the top Bollywood and Indian films I've ever seen.

Early Morning Shows Fuel 'Jawan' Craze

Early morning screenings were attended by both fans and reviewers, demonstrating the exceptional passion for "Jawan." Comments like "Never seen Before Craze for any Bollywood star" were common on social media. To make box office history, Jawan arrived. the biggest box office success in Bollywood. The #Jawan craze is unrivaled. No matter how early in the day.

Shah Rukh Khan's Dominance Continues

Shah Rukh Khan is clearly having a great year in 2023 as seen by the success of "Pathaan" and the positive reviews for "Jawan." He has established himself as the industry's leading power thanks to both movies.

Stay Tuned for 'Jawan' - The Next Bollywood Sensation

Keep an eye out for what promises to be the next major sensation in Bollywood as "Jawan" gains popularity and praise. 2023 will be an exciting year for Shah Rukh Khan's fans as his filmography continues to captivate people.